Thursday, February 5, 2009


I just turned 50 on January 29th and I have to admit it was fun. Whatever I thought 50 would feel like . . . well . . . it doesn't! I am just amazed I have been alive for 50 years. There have been a lot of changes in the world during that time. Anyway, I'm not going to get sentimental.

My birthday celebration began when our church surprised me during worship with a brand new guitar. Didn't see that coming! Then Nancy surprised me by inviting my parents and sister from D.C.. I also got an extra day off on the deal.
On the actual day my three children and wife surprised me a list of 50 things they love about me. I won't bore you with them all but here are a few:

*His love for crabs - eating them

*His love of M&Ms

*His desire to live to 100

*His facebook status

*His love of "Hockey pucks" and "Pineapple whips" at Disneyland

*His genuine laughter

*His love of cream-filled doughnuts and Suzy Qs

*His uncanny ability to dust off his trumpet and play Christmas carols annually with no practice all year

*He loves his wife and children

I feel loved!

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  1. Doug, Glad you didn't set the house on fire with all those candles. :) I love the 50 would not have bored us...I want to see them all.
    Love you and Happy Birthday one more time!!