Friday, May 1, 2009

The Power of Presence

I've decided some people make ministry too complicated. It wasn't meant to be. John 1 describes how God came to live among us and show His love through His presence on earth. This presence made all the difference in our world through Christ's death and resurrection. He became one of us.

I'm not against education. I have an undergraduate and graduate degree. I'm not against continuing education. I've been to a bazillion seminars, read tons of books/articles/blogs and listened to lots of podcasts. Sooner or later they all bring us back to the pastor's role in being present in someone's life as the most powerful way to share the love of Christ.

I spend a lot of time recruiting people for youth ministry and often there is a reluctance because it is assumed they must be "up front" or play a guitar or be young or be funny or they don't have time to come Wednesday night or . . . you know what I mean. Yet Christ's call is for us to be present in the lives of teenagers and walk with them. It is as simple and challenging as that.

FRONTLINE YOUTH is here to show teenagers "God is where we live." I'm looking for more youth "pastors" to join me in this walk. Who is ready to be present?

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