Thursday, August 6, 2009

Taking Turns

Last week at this time I was in Dallas, Texas for the Echo Conference focusing on church media. While my primary passion is youth ministry another part of my role is in the area of worship. Inevitably, working in these two areas, I must work with technology and all the various forms of media available.

At this gathering I quickly found myself lost in a sea of creativity and enamored with the possibilities. Throughout the time I had the opportunity to experience various forms of worship and a variety of sights and sounds. Some were exciting, some I could take or leave and others I didn’t like at all. As I observed the tidal wave of technology I suddenly became aware of my biases. Other people seemed to connect with forms I didn’t like and others didn’t connect with those I did.

We all have aesthetic opinions. People who say they don’t have preferences about music styles, colors, lights, textures, etc. are choosing to deny a reality present in each of us. In the life of the church from the professional musician to the person who is tone deaf an opinion can be found. Ask what color the sanctuary should be painted and strap in for the ideas.

The good news of God’s love for us, the message of Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection are to be clear, truthful and Holy Spirit led. This is not a style issue. It is a content issue. How this message is delivered moves us into the style arena. It is there many choose to camp and argue endlessly. It is an argument resulting in division and leaves no one with a true victory.
God has created all of us and not one of us is alike in the way we learn, perceive and ultimately connect with our Creator. We want all people to walk with God and know the blessing of forgiveness found in Christ.

When my grandma was still living I asked her about her church. She mentioned they had started singing “worship choruses.” I asked her how she felt about this change. In her late 70’s she said something I will never forget, “I had my turn, now it’s the young people’s turn.”

May we allow God to help us see all His people, open our minds to all the possibilities and let His message, through whatever means, give everyone a turn.

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