Thursday, December 3, 2009


I won’t be the first to comment on the sad story of Tiger Woods’ recent apology and confession of his marital infidelity. Hearing the emerging stories has brought me back to a parade of tragedies I have experienced all too many times in the lives of my ministry teammates and friends. Everything inside me wants to say, “What were you thinking?! You had it all and yet you chose to give it up.”

It is easy to be the judge but the truth is I and anybody else are one bad decision from wrecking our lives. We may feel like there are certain sins we would never commit. This feeling leads to pride and a false sense of security easily overcome by the sin around us.

Yes, Tiger behaved badly but it could have been me, it could be any husband (or a wife, for that matter). Without the wisdom of God, without prayer, without accountability we are doomed to repeat the same acts we so quickly loathe in others.

Once a month I meet with two guys who know me well. No question between us is too personal. I can count on them asking me about the state of my marriage, my family interactions, my spiritual life and more. They are my “safety net.”

Where is God in your life? Who are you when nobody is looking? Who (other than your family) really knows you?

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