Friday, April 2, 2010

Beginnings are hard, re-starts are harder

So . . . I basically took a three month break from the blog. I didn't plan it. It just happened. I do a lot of writing for stuff here at my own church, Interlinc in Nashville and other organizations. I felt like I had said it all in other places so chose not to add another "assignment" in keeping up with this blog. I began the blog as a way to write about the life and times of me and youth ministry on the "frontlines" in Santa Barbara. I still like the purpose so with a new vision and determination I will begin again.

Chaim Potok, in his book, "The Chosen," begins the book by saying "All beginnings are hard." I agree but I have decided that second beginnings are even harder. When we begin something there is definitely a challenge (ie. a diet, an exercise program, a discipline in our spiritual walk, etc.). When we fail to keep it going, starting it again seems even more difficult.

Years ago I and one of my volunteer youth leaders were training together for a run called "Tough Enough." It was relay race spanning about 40 miles to the peak from sea-level to the peaks of our local mountains and down again. We trained together and our commitment was not only to train together but to be committed in picking it up again even if we missed a few sessions in row. I have missed a few "sessions" in this blog. I'm picking it up again . . . starting now but more creatively, next week.

Good Friday is all about picking it up again. We "drop the ball" in our sinful lives but Christ died so we could "pick it up again." Accepting His forgiveness, mercy and beginning again is humbling. The re-start may feel "harder" but the reward is resting in His grace. May you rest in Him on Good Friday and celebrate new life this Easter. Let's "pick it up" together.

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