Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Good Friends Do Count

Every parent, every youth pastor prays for the ones they love to find good friends who offer encouragement and growth in their spiritual life throughout the college years and beyond. In this challenging world there are no guarantees.
Four years ago, my wife and I released our oldest daughter to begin her young adult life at Seattle Pacific University. At this stage of life some may feel their parenting responsibility has eased. In some ways "yes," in most ways "no." Our prayer, in the launching years, was for our daughter to land well.
Over this past weekend we celebrated her graduation but more than that, we celebrated her life. Through her time in college she found those friends every parent desires in the life of their emerging adult. By their junior year of college the girls had moved into a house where they lived, laughed, loved and longed together for the eternal values found in living for God.
In the near future they will begin going their own ways with an indispensable core and a deeper understanding of community. They each know what can happen when God's kids take the time to authentically care for one another.
To LeAnn, Courtney (not pictured), Paige, Jungwa and Alex, the five "sisters" of our daughter, we say "thanks." Your investment in Kelly's life is a gift of joy and hope to us and for that we are eternally grateful.

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