Saturday, June 28, 2008


In just 24 hours 5 adults, 2 college students, 11 high school students and a child will be meeting in the church parking lot to begin our mission to Costa Rica. From this time forward we will say, "This time tomorrow . . . " In 24 hours all the planning will be done, the bags will be packed and the goodbyes will have been said. We are going away for 10 days. I wonder what this feels like for a career missionary who will be moving to a foreign country for many years? What is going inside their head for the last 24 hours?

I may be thinking about last minute details or one more thing to pack or how it will really be with these people for this many days but God keeps calling me back to Him. He says, "Show up in the parking lot, be available, be faithful, be teachable, be responsive and be flexible." This is in His hands, on His timetable and at the core of all we do: God's love for us and His people. Bring on the 24 and away we go . . .

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