Friday, June 27, 2008

Sixty Hours

In just two and a half days our Costa Rica team will finally come together in the church parking lot, sort out our luggage, wait for the shuttle bus, pray and the adventure will begin.

Every once in awhile someone will make a comment in jest, "Wow, must be rough. Youth pastors have the life: camps, conferences, trips to Water parks, Six Flags, mission trips to other countries, etc." I always find that to be an interesting statement. It is sometimes said to fill in "dead air" and sometimes said out of the assumption that the Youth pastor is on one long vacation, one great experience after another. It sure could appear that way.

The reality? Not one of these events is a vacation for me. They can be fun, they provide great opportunities to have extended time with youth, they are rewarding as we love others in Christ and I do enjoy leading and participating in these trips but I would not define them as a vacation. I am ultimately responsible for all the details and more importantly the people who go.

Am I being defensive on a Friday morning? Naaahhh! I am just trying to give you a better picture of how you can pray for me as I care for eighteen other people far from home. I am incredibly excited to go but also very aware of the huge responsibility I will have for almost eleven days. Pray I will have God's wisdom, patience, love, strength, vision and peace. Also, pray for my flexibility. For six months I have been challenging our team to be flexible . . . now I have to live it too!

God goes before us! I rest in Him.

P.S. If you want to know how to specifically pray for us check out my earlier blog with the prayer guide.

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