Saturday, July 5, 2008

Beach Bash

Saturday began early for some of us as we rode over to Jaco with one of the young surfers Dennis has been discipling. He was going over there to participate in a surf contest partially sponsored by Christian Surfers Association. There are a few other kids from Esterillos who are also participating. Tomorrow afternoon we will go cheer them on in their competition.

After our team meeting and solo time we loaded up the van and headed to the beach in front of the elementary school. We had spontaneously invited kids from our Kids Club to a "special beach edition" from 11am - 1pm. At first their were four kids and by the time we finished there were at least 40 not including moms, dads, teenagers and even two policemen who took home craft projects for their kids.

Activities for the time included crafts (soccer ball bags), a treasure hunt in the sand, beach soccer, tug of war, water balloon fight, swimming and more. We were moved by the simplicity and sponaeity of the event coupled with the huge smiles of children experiencing the love and care of a church to come. It doesn't get much better.

For lunch today we enjoyed the famous Costa Rican chicharones (deep fried pork) at the home of Dennis' brother, Henry. This was in honor of both their birthdays which were this week.

Late afternoon we enjoyed playing in the ocean.

It gets consistently dark by 5:15pm every evening so we are now settling in the for the night with another full night of rain expected.

Thanks for all your wonderful encouraging comments. It is good to hear from you and know you are praying. God is doing a great work and He has only just begun.

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  1. Doug, Thank you for the continuous updates, we appreciate them so much! We especially enjoyed the picture of the entire group...nice to see your smiling faces. We are praying for the team. Love, Mikel & Tracy