Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Bringing home groceries and a missionary

Tonight really is a dark and stormy night. It is 7:00pm and we have just finished our evening meal of chicken with rice and beet potato salad. There is lightning and thunder off in the distance with a steady rain hitting the roof.

It has been another good day and a great night of sleep. Some of the surfers were up early to try a few waves, some went for a swim, some slept in. For the early risers Costa Rican coffee was available and even I (for those of you who know me) had a straight, black cup of coffee! I now have a few more hairs on my chest.

Following breakfast we had our first team meeting, spent time in prayer, solo time and journaling.

Late in the morning Dennis, Kyle and I drove up to Orontina (halfway to San Jose) where we had the opportunity to meet, for the first time, our Free Methodist missionary to Costa Rica. This was a fruitful meeting and it provided a great setup for the work to come next year when the Leons begin full time ministry. We invited Patrick to come back with us and he decided to come. Our happy faces are in the picture. You get to decide which of the two pictures depict our meeting most accurately!

On the way home we bought some great fruit and other food for the next days.

The afternoon ended with a soccer game on the beach. The locals came out to show us how it is really done.

Following the game we paraded through town to view our Vacation Bible school venue, stop at houses and invite people come.

Thanks for your love and prayers.


  1. To our Free Methodist Costa Rican missionary "family"- We are excited that God has given all of you this amazing opportunity! It's great that we can read about your trip as it is happening. Thank you for keeping us informed. Huge thanks to Doug, Dennis, Kyle, John & Liz for your leadership, devotion and hard work! The crocodiles aren't exactly comforting, haha. Good luck with that...& come back in one piece, all of your fingers and toes! Lots of love to our little guy Kyle (actually not so little anymore).

    With love, thanks, appreciation & admiration. Blessings, Mikel & Tracy Richardson

  2. Doug...

    Thanks so much for posting! It is great to see you there with mis pastores. Pura Vida is praying with you all as you start VBS. Dios les bendiga mucho.


  3. Thank you for the pictures and updates. The crocks are....interesting! How big are they? (not worried-just curious!) I pray that VBS will be wonderful...fruitful and fun. Praise God for giving all of you the opportunity to serve Him in this way. Please give Melanie my love and a big hug! Sandy