Monday, September 15, 2008

Bad Decisions

I mentioned this yesterday at FRONTLINE SUNDAY . . . if you have been following the news of last week and the activity of Hurricane Ike you might be aware that thousands were told to leave the Galveston Island area or face "certain death." According to the news many foolishly chose to ignore this mandatory evacuation and called 9-1-1, in a panic, at the height of the storm. They were told by rescuers to find someway to survive as no one was able to now save them.

It was later reported that lifesaving crews were angry and frustrated, with good reason, at those who stubbornly thought they could beat this massive storm. Thankfully for them the storm surge was not quite as large as predicted.

I found myself thinking about how stupid it was, for whatever reason, to stay behind and ride out a hurricane of that size. I would like to think my decision-making would have been more wise.

I then was reminded our relationship with God is often this way. It is easy to believe we don't need God; our way is better. We make bad decisions, willfully disobey and suffer destructive consequences. God, in His infinite love, mercy, grace and forgiveness still stands ready to save us even though we don't deserve it.

Choose God, choose life

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