Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Long Ago and Far Away

Beginning sometime in 1976 I had the opportunity of traveling around in a singing group with approximately 30 other high school students and adults. We all came from different churches but banded together under the leadership of a pastor who had a big heart for youth who were yet to realize their potential.

I was a typical girl-crazy high school guy who valued his faith but held it loosely. Traveling with a bunch of girls, getting to be a "rock star" and singing Christian music with a soundtrack seemed like a great deal.
Throughout the spring and early summer we traveled on weekends to different churches. The guys wore their leisure suits and the girls their bright, pastel colored dresses. We memorized words and threw in choreography. We thought we were pretty cool.

By late summer our director had organized a 10 day tour and off we went in our vans and motorhomes. It was a time I will never forget as we learned to live in close community and serve Christ in a variety of settings.

I give eternal thanks to George, Charlotte, Bob, Bill, Rhonda, Dan, Pam and Sidena who let the Lord lead them while they were leading us. Their unconditional love and care catapulted me into a calling toward full time youth ministry from which I have never turned. The effect of adults who live with Christ at the center and invest in the lives of young people can never be underestimated. I am humbled and honored to now be that person for the youth I love.

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  1. Wow, really long ago and far away! I was the 5 year old who was proud to join you guys on that tour. My big sisters singing, and Daddy letting me tag along. I still can't believe what Daddy had you all wear!:) I am now married with 2 kids, and am the youth director, director of our praise dance group, and am in our Praise Band at my church. My girls dance, and my husband is the sound tech for the band. God works in mysterious ways (including bright colored leisure suits.) Thanks for posting. This really brought a huge smile to my face. God Bless.