Monday, January 5, 2009

When We Were Happy

It's a new year and I am resolved to picking up the blogging pace a little bit. It's been a once a week (if that) kind of thing. I am going to try twice a week and see how that works!

I had last week off for work so our family took a day and went to Disneyland. As our kids get older the times of just the five of us are inching toward a close. Nancy and I treasure each time we can take our children away and just hang out together.

We had a great day there. We never feel too old to be at the "Happiest Place on Earth."

Spending this day with the people I love the most is always a reminder to appreciate the present and leave room for rest and fun with my family (and the many other people who surround me). Happy days like that carry me through the more challenging days in the real world of pain, bills, deadlines and separation. They remind me of the eternal happiness to come.

Living in Christ will lead me to more "happy places" and "happy moments." I will be looking for a lot of those this year.

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  1. Loved this blog! And the picture of the kids too. You should frame that one. :)