Friday, October 17, 2008

New Generation

For the last twenty-four hours I have been hosting several Free Methodist youth pastors and a few interns from our churches in the Los Angeles area. They arrived here noon on Thursday and will leave about 1pm on Friday. Thanks to the generosity of our denomination their hotel and meals have been covered during this time.

In our time together we have had the opportunity to talk about life as a youth pastor with all its joys and challenges. I am humbled and honored to shepherd and mentor a new generation of youth pastors who are coming behind me with fresh insights and new energy for serving Christ.

Our focus has been on our character in Christ. From that flows everything we do for Him. The passion they exhibit in loving youth is inspiring, the challenges they face in time, finances and team support border on discouraging. One thing is consistent: together we are committed to investing in the lives of teenagers so they may grow into the people God has created them to be!

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