Saturday, October 25, 2008


I just finished a great book entitled, TRANSLATION NATION: DEFINING A NEW AMERICAN IDENTITY IN THE SPANISH-SPEAKING UNITED STATES. It is written by Hector Tobar, a Pulitzer Prize-winning jounalist. Hector went around the U.S. and several countries interviewing Latin Americans who have come to our country. He gives us an insightful picture of how our country has changed with the flow of immigration from Spanish-speaking countries.
In the last twenty years I have had the privelege of spending time in Mexico, Ecuador, Antigua and most recently Costa Rica. I have grown to more deeply appreciate the culture and values of Latin America. God has taught me much about myself and His love through my experiences. Their strong sense of family, rest and commitment has influenced me for the better.

When I first moved to Santa Barbara in 1984 it seemed there were just a few pockets of Spanish-speaking people in our country. Now they can be found in Alabama, Indiana, Montana and more. Latin America has come to us and we can be thankful.

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