Thursday, October 9, 2008


This morning I was busy preparing for an upcoming Youth Pastor's retreat I will be leading. In the midst of my work I was skimming a book I plan to use as a part of the content. The title of the book is THE REST OF GOD by Mark Buchanan. One particular quote looked huge especially in a day when we don't know where our world is headed. It read: "Sabbath is preparedness training of sorts. It gets us ready for a time, a time we can anticipate but can’t predict, when the world as we know it will fall to pieces. It trains us in practical wisdom, clear judgment, skillful response. It slows us down enough to notice what truly matters." (p.59)

Ponder that for a few seconds, minutes or the rest of the day. Being a pastor I have had to re-train myself in taking a sabbath. Sunday is when I work. I confess I'm not always great at resting and trusting God who really is in control.
Busyness is now adversely affecting adults, youth and children. I see people with very little time to rest, be quiet and enjoy the life God created them to live. Getting more done is not the answer.
How would you describe your Sabbath?

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