Monday, March 2, 2009

New Categories

To at least keep me weekly on this blog it's time for a new strategy. In the tradition of FACEBOOK categories and other stuff I have seen blogger friends do I will offer my own short-list categories:

A few things I'm happy about:
*Kicked off a great two week series on HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS with our Jr. High and High School students
*Parents who loved the UNDERSTANDING YOUR TEENAGER seminar to which I referred them.
*All the good books I have yet to read
*My oldest daughter will be studying in Uganda next fall.
*Being connected with a great Free Methodist ministry called Eden Reforestation Projects. Check it out at

A few things challenging me
*Working on a book proposal for Youth Specialties. Carving out the time easier said than done.
*High school guys who need followup and extra care
*Financial strain of this economy, the impact on our ministry, our families and me.

One thing God taught me: Keep walking with Him. I'm always wanting Him to walk with me.

A book I'm reading: SURPRISED BY HOPE, N.T.Wright. What a great book to read leading up to Easter. Review to come.

Music I'm liking: RED's newest CD. Great, hard-charging music with a little screamo mixed in. These guys are Christian and doing well on the Billboard charts too.

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