Friday, March 13, 2009

General Thoughts

A few things I'm happy about:
*Today I'm happy about a day off, it has been a full week
*My work with Young Life Committee. I'm meeting some great new people and getting a feel for where I can most contribute.
*My daughter Kelly. I have been helping her edit papers for college and she is a wonderful thinker who challenges me in a good way.
*Going to a Youth Specialties One Day seminar on teaching the Bible. These are great times of encouragement and I love being with our leaders.

A few things challenging me:
*I have a lot of writing assignments due in the next week or so.
*Finding times to "unplug." My mind is going a thousand miles a minute with some good stuff but I would like to "turn it off" at times.
*The thought of a possible salary cut due to the recession.

A book I'm reading: A biography on John Quincy Adams. I am reading biographies of all the presidents in chronological order. It is interesting to read about their lives and their leadership styles.