Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Two and a half weeks from today our team will meet in the church parking lot to depart for Los Angeles International airport and an all-night flight to San Jose, Costa Rica. The time is short but the days will be littered with plenty of distractions. Students will be finishing projects, taking tests, doing final concerts, athletic events. Adults will be working on full-time and handling school year end projects.

All this amounts to little time for actually thinking about the trip and considering the many different ways we all can be ready. Our team has been meeting monthly since October but it’s amazing in how many different directions we have all been pulled between meetings. Life goes on and can be relentless in robbing us not only time to focus on the mission ahead but our time to just “be.”

Lately I have been keeping my focus on finishing a few other things ahead of time to allow “margins” over the next two weeks. These quiet spaces will make available time for the unexpected and last minute tasks while reducing potential distractions.

Pray our team will do well at battling the distractions and caring for ourselves spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically in these last 18 days. Your support will mean much.

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