Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Profiles of a Team, Part Two

Today I am offering the opportunity to pray for two more of our team members as we get ready to leave for Costa Rica, eleven days from now . . .

JENNA GUTIERREZ . . . Jenna has known missions from early age having spent one year with her parents in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia while they helped to develop a "Study Center" for children without the resources to attend school. Jenna's upbringing in the church and this experience has given her a joy for the Lord and a big heart for missions. Her enthusiasm and vocal musical talent will be an asset to the team. Pray for her as she finishes out her freshman year at San Marcos High and prepares her heart, soul, strength and mind to be with us.

JACLYN HORTON . . . Jaclyn has also been with our church since birth. Last year she was promoted from eighth grade at La Colina Jr. High. This year she has been attending her freshman year at a boarding school in Austin, Texas. We have missed her but been grateful we have been able to stay in contact through email, cell phones, texting and even SKYPE. Jaclyn has a big smile and a big heart for missions. Last year she and her family visited Esterillos Oeste and her second cousin Kyle so she has done some good "scouting." Pray for Jaclyn as she finishes school in the next few days and flies out to join us!!

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