Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Aqui en Costa Rica

It's Tuesday morning, I am sitting at a laptop in the Iglesia Metodist Libre de Tilaran with a glow on my face, from happiness and humidity. We had a smooth trip arriving here having flown all night Sunday, jumping into our rental vans around 11:30am. We traveled north and west out of San Jose along curvy and hilly roads passing through many small towns while marveling at the diverse and lush scenery before us.

After lunch we stopped at some hot springs fueled by a not too distant volcano. It was there we had an orientation meeting with Dennis and Kyle Leon to get a picture of our plan over the next days.

In another two hours we stopped at a little restaurant at the foot of the volcano and were hosted by a man who knew Dennis (surprise, surprise!). After a delicious and extended meal (Costa Rica time) we finished our trip to Tilaran with one more 1.5 hour drive.

Mattresses hit the church floor as did tired team members. The lack of sleep Sunday night resulted in a good night of sleep on Monday.

Today we will be assisting paid workers (hired by money we raised) to replace a leaky roof on the parsonage damaged by acid rain from the volcano. We will enjoy two meals hosted by local families and church members. We will be fed, they will be fed also by money we worked hard to raise. Tonight and every night we are here will end with church services where we will participate with music and drama presentations.

Pray for our continued help and that we will continue to be a blessing in our words, actions and attitudes. Thanks so much for your support!

p.s. This blog may only appear every few days due to internet connections. Facebookers will see something every day!

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