Thursday, June 16, 2011

Flaming Re-entry

Very early this morning, 2:30am to be exact, most of us arrived home to sleep in our beds after ten nights in Costa Rica. Though the bed and conveniences of home felt good the challenge of re-entering our own culture is now upon us.

I spent part of yesterday’s team meeting talking about the tough pieces of coming home after days of serving God, loving people and immersing ourselves in the rich culture of a Central American country.

Just as space shuttles produce exterior flames upon entering the earth’s atmosphere so we too feel the tension of re-entering the “earth" we know and love.

I broke down my comments in two categories to our team members on this topic. May it be helpful to you as you pray for us.

The first category is “What We Will Feel:”

1) Tired – Though we have slept well we have given much. Serving and loving others can be draining. We may feel "out of it" for a few days.

2) Digestive issues – We have eaten lots of great food but not the same we eat at home. There may be challenges related to this transition. We'll do our best to ease back into our routine here.

3) Impatience with self-absorbed people – After being with people who have so little and coming back to those who have so much we may feel a little frustrated with those who complain about what they lack.

4) Indifference towards things we once thought were important – Trips like this have a way of re-aligning our priorities. It is our desire to care more about what is eternally important.

5) The loss of Costa Rica pace – Life in Costa Rica like so many other Latin American countries is slower. Life for us is often hurried and busy. We want the life that stops and listens more. We want to be more still and know He is God (Psalm 46:10)

6) Mood swings of happiness and sadness – We are richer for having been with the people and churches of this beautiful country. We feel great sadness in leaving them behind. Over the next many days we will likely display both of these emotions prominently. Be patient with us as we work through the feelings and embrace the tremendous gift God has given us.

Next blog: “Time Tested Tips for Re-Entry”

P.S. I unintentionally left out the profile of one of our team members: Ally Shiras. So . . . last but certainly not least, here is what you should know about her:

Ally is a recent graduate of San Marcos High School. This fall she will begin studies at the University of San Francisco in filmmaking. Her love for life and joy in the Lord fill any room. She loves to sing, play guitar, take pictures, shoot films, create artistic designs and happily dance. These all were great blessings to our team. Pray for her as she makes the transition back to life here and prepares for college in the fall.

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