Thursday, June 9, 2011

To the Top of the Hill

We are now in our fourth day of being with the wonderful people of Costa Rica. The team is doing well. You would be proud of them. We thank God for health and youth who love to serve.

Our work in Tilaran is coming to a close. The roof of the parsonage was completed yesterday. Not only did our money provide for protection from the rain but it also employed several people for a couple of days. In addition we had a surplus of supplies that were returned for the option of buying interior ceiling tiles. The Lord took our giving and multiplied it!! This is something we have seen several times since we have been here.

We have been blessed with good eating. Everyday at the lunch many people from the church come in and provide us with a full cooked meal. In the evening we split up into four groups and go to different houses for dinner. We are hosted by the same family each evening so it has been fun getting to know them better and having lively "span-glish" conversations together. All team members are doing great with attempting to speak.

After preparing songs and dramas for the night time outreach in the park we took some free time and went on a hike up a very steep hill to a cross overlooking the town. Once we reached the top, hiking through bushes and thick grass, we saw an amazing view. While there we took the time to face the town and pray for it. It was a moving moment in our trip. We know Jesus died for all the people of this beautiful little town and we are humbled to serve Him in telling the good news.

Our day finished partnering with the church to present an outreach at the city park. In the midst of heavy rain we went around town to hand out invitations and then offered our songs and dramas. The church people also presented drama and dance.

Tomorrow we pack up and head to Esterillos! Pray for our traveling safety, continued health and faithfully following God's lead in all we do. Thanks for your love and prayers.

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