Friday, June 17, 2011

Down to Earth

Yesterday I talked about what our team would feel upon re-entering our own culture after serving God and loving people in Costa Rica. Today we look at some of the tips I gave our team on experiencing a healthy return to life here:

1) Rest - We are physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually weary. We have gained much but given more. Extra sleep is okay!!
2) Pray - We may be back home but God still has more to say about our experience. He comforts us in the sadness of the trip's end, He reminds us of the lessons learned and blessings received. We will only hear these as we speak and listen to God.
3) Spend time with God - It is God who led us on this trip in the first place and it is He who will ultimately lead us home to Him. Spending time in the Bible and the quietness of His presence feeds us and strengthens us for what is next.
4) Talk - It is good to talk about our experiences. Some people really want to hear everything, some want to hear a few paragraphs and some are interested in a few sentences. Give your listeners what they want to hear and hear again what God has been teaching you!
5) Create action points - We learn so much on trips like this therefore it is important to break it down to a few clear and measurable ways you will allow your experience to impact the rest of your life. I have my three. What are yours?
6) Give yourself permission - Don't just move on. Allow yourself the time and freedom to do all of the above. It takes time. God walks with you.

May these tips be ways you can pray for our team and may they be helpful to you in future experiences of re-entry to the life God has called you to live.

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