Thursday, June 23, 2011

One week later

A week ago today we pulled into the church parking lot at 2am with the glow of a great missions trip to Costa Rica on our faces. After some restful hours of sleep we all awoke to June gloom (fog) in Santa Barbara and the accompanying sadness of missing our new friends in the land we left.

In the midst of the sadness there was joy in knowing we had faithfully followed the God who led us to that place and the God who will lead us on from there.

A week later what am I feeling?

*the few remaining bug bites on my ankles
*the honor of leading an exceptional group of high school youth
*the reward of being blessed and being a blessing in Costa Rica
*the desire to have a big plate of gallo pinto with eggs
*a greater respect (if that's possible) for the loving ministry of Dennis and Kyle Leon among the people of their country
*the pleasure of having served with two wonderful adults who sacrificed vacation and money to love kids with me. Thanks Mike and Carri!
*the loss of a slower paced life
*the joy of what God has next for me, the people of our team, the people we loved and love in Costa Rica

God once again gave me the unbelievable gift of living and serving in community during the days of June 5-15, 2011. It is a gift I will never receive in the same form again but it is a gift that will eternally keep giving as we all move ahead to where God is leading.

What are you feeling?

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