Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Profiles of a Team, Part Seven

I think the trip has already started for me. I had a small anxiety dream last night that I was in the church parking lot waiting for the shuttle to take us to LAX. Everybody else was hanging out, Nancy was asking me questions about home stuff and all I could think about was the shuttle bus being late! I made contact with them today. They are planning to be on time!

Here is another team member for your prayer list . . .

TRAVIS SMELLEY . . . Travis is finishing his freshman year at San Marcos High school where this year he participated in the State champion marching band, competed in the national championships for drumline in Ohio, sang in the men's chorus and pole-vaulted. Yes, he did school work too! This will be Travis' first mission trip. Though he brings many strengths to this team his greatest one just may be His joy in the Lord. Already in his short life he has experienced the loss of his sister to cancer and the destruction of his house in a wild fire. Even so he walks with Christ, has a heart of compassion for people and knows how to enjoy his days. Pray for him that this opportunity to share the joy of living for God in another culture will not only make an impact on others but in Travis' life too.

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